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Personal Injury

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If you were involved in an accident involving:

  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • Truck / Semi
  • Pedestrian / Bicycle
  • Workplace
  • Slip and Fall
  • Boating
  • Dog Bite

According the new Florida Law you only have 14 days to treat with a physician. We will lead your fight to help you seek justice and compensation for your injuries.

A personal injury case has several steps:

Free Consultation

Following your accident, and after seeking medical attention, it is important to evaluate the circumstances of your case including:

  • Your personal injuries
  • Prior medical history
  • Legal Options
  • At fault parties


We may hire a personal investigator to investigate your personal injury claim.

Demand & Negotiations

A demand letter will be drafted in an attempt to resolve your claim pre-suit. Prior to making the demand, we will meet with you to discuss the amount we will be seeking on your behalf. We will negotiate the best possible settlement with the insurance company and any monetary offer made will be presented to you. If you do not accept an offer to settle after several attempts, we may file suit on your case.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit

If you do not accept a pre-suit offer to settle your case. We, with the assistance of other trial attorneys may file your case in either civil or federal court.

Discovery /Pre-suit

From the very first contact with the client, we will take adequate steps to preserve and gain pertinent information which may be used in a future trial. Videos, depositions, statements, documents, investigations and other discovery will be preserved in order to fully evaluate and try your case.


Often times but not always, if a personal injury client cannot come to an agreement with the insurance company on a settlement; after the case is filed and initial discovery is completed, both parties usually sit with an intermediary to try to resolve the case. We will help you during this process.


During this process a jury of your own peers will listen to all the facts and arguments for you and the defendant and render a decision. Your attorneys will brief you and prepare you for trial.


There are no up front costs to you. If we take your case, the attorney’s fees will be collected on a contingency basis, which means that if you don’t settle your case or win at trial, you don’t pay.