Attorney Profile

David S. Cronin, Esquire

Born in New England and reared in St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay, Florida, David S. Cronin, Esq., is the quintessential, richly talented, and relentless legal advocate. Classically Floridian with a deep knowledge of community needs, governmental benefits, demographic shifts, and societal ills, David has fought diligently and zealously on the front lines to provide effective and transformative legal services that forge “a bridge” for his clients to recapture stability and optimal functioning in their lives. A natural outgrowth of his wide-ranging public service and extensive tenure in grant-funded legal aid organizations, David is eager and primed to serve very diverse clientele in routine to complex legal matters, including, without limitation, business disputes, commercial litigation, contracts drafting and negotiating, landlord-tenant issues, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), personal injury cases, and criminal law matters.

David humbly began his preeminent legal career in the Sunshine State as a committed public servant. Notably, he worked as an Assistant Public Defender, specializing in DUIs, for the 6th Judicial Circuit in Dade City, FL. There, he received appreciable mentorship from Public Defender Bob Dillinger and the requisite training for exemplary motion and trial practice. Having honed his courtroom advocacy skills and capacity to negotiate myriad competing assignments that attend such intense public interest law practice, David later transferred to the Clearwater, FL, office, where he handled a cornucopia of misdemeanor charges, including, among other charges, Domestic Battery, DUI, BUI, Petty Theft, and Violations of Probation.

After transitioning from lengthy public service into private practice, David quickly developed a successful criminal defense practice, and adroitly expanded his representation to include significant commercial landlord-tenant matters, evictions, and security deposit disputes. Due to his impactful advocacy and stellar reputation as a determined solo practitioner, David’s commercial landlord clientele grew to include a cadre of large apartment complexes in Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.

Despite appreciable success and professional latitude in private practice, David re-entered the public interest sphere by accepting a position as an Assistant Public Defender for the 4th Judicial Circuit. Working in tandem with Public Defender Lou Frost, David undertook aggressive defense representation of one thousand-plus felony clients. Eventually being promoted to Felony Division Chief, David became the first Division Chief of the Felony First Response Unit.

Broadening his horizons in public service and community justice pursuits, in January 2007, David left the Public Defender’s office to become Managing Attorney for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid’s Fair Housing Unit. Within five years’ time, David was promoted to Project Director and oversaw comprehensive fact-finding investigations involving serious allegations of fair housing, ADA, and other civil rights violations. David has become a subject matter expert in Public and Affordable Housing, and is widely recognized and oft-commended for having successfully represented an abundance of helpless and exploited victims of housing discrimination, such as the blind, deaf and hard of hearing, mentally and physically disabled, and other individuals with protected traits and classifications.

Today, David is an enthusiastic, learned, and trusted trial lawyer as well as an actively engaged civic leader. To be sure, he is a battle-tested, dedicated drum major for justice. He provides careful attention to each client’s issues using a holistic, pragmatic, and competent legal approach. More importantly, because David prides himself on helping individuals from all walks of life, his legal fees are quoted favorably at affordable prices.

David S. Cronin, P.A. is a small, credible, full-service law firm that offers a panoply of legal services in both civil and criminal matters, so you are encouraged to contact David today during normal business hours (or after-business hours in case of emergency) should you desire a free 30-minute consultation regarding your current legal representation needs.


Juris Doctor (J.D.), Western New England University School of Law, Springfield, MA
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), University of South Florida, Tampa, FL
Licensed Attorney, Admitted to the State Bar of Florida